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Monash University Postgraduate Association (MUPA) is a student-run organisation that provides representation and support services to all postgraduate students enrolled at Monash University Malaysia. Since its establishment in 2007, MUPA has been working closely with the University to serve the interests, welfare and wellbeing of postgraduates.

Monash University Student Association (MUSA) is an organisation run by the students population that provides supports to all undergraduate students enrolled at Monash University Malaysia. MUSA has been working closely with the university to serve the interest, welfare and wellbeing of the undergraduates.


Student Association FAQs

Monash University Postgraduate FAQs

MUPA is Monash university postgraduate association, founded in May 2007 with the aim of being the recognized means of communication between postgraduates and the academic and administrative authorities of the university.

MUPA facilitates two-way communication between postgraduate/honours students and the academic and administrative authorities of the University. The association can help you make representations on personal concerns or collective grievances that you may face at your school or on the campus-level.

MUPA provides forums for postgraduates to express their needs, problems and wants. It also provides avenues to discuss and share problems you may face as a postgraduate/honours student.

MUPA provides a friendly ground for postgraduate and honours students from the different schools to mingle.

  • MUPA helps the different schools, the library, and the administration with orientation processes for postgraduate/honours students.

  • MUPA encourages forums on Facebook so that postgraduates/honours students can express their concerns using a friendly approach.

  • MUPA organizes monthly icebreaking events, knowledge sharing events and get-to-know sessions to provide postgraduates/honours students with an avenue to mingle, share the knowledge and support each other.

  • MUPA organizes outings and trips for all postgraduates/honours students and in some instances, for their family too!

  • Add us on Facebook to join the MUPA community and be informed of upcoming events of MUPA as well as events on campus that may be of interest to you.

  • Volunteer to help MUPA organize our on-going activities (volunteer for an area – welfare, education, activities, publicity, and editorial).

  • Serve as postgraduate representatives at committee meetings.

You can email the MUPA activity managers and the MUPA president with the required event details and proposal. Further details will be provided by MUPA activity managers, once the proposal is approved.

  • President

    Vice President



    Activities Manager

    Welfare Executive

    Publicity and Media Executive

    MUPA Coordinator

    Student Representatives

    School of Arts & Social Sciences

    School of Business

    School of Engineering

    School of Information Technology

    School of Medicine & Health Sciences

    School of Pharmacy

    School of Science

You can apply for any of the MUPA Executive Committee or Student Representative positions when the by-elections/Annual elections are conducted. The election committee will release the vacant positions list and election details. Once the broadcast mail regarding the elections is released, you can fill up the nomination form (provided by the returning officer of the election committee) for the vacant positions as per your preference and follow the election committee rules and regulations. You should have 1 year of candidature remaining to apply for the positions.

Monash University Student Association FAQs

Follow us on our Instagram page (@musa.officialpage) and Facebook page (Monash University Student Association (MUSA)). For our past events, do check out MUSA Editors' Instagram page (@musamonga), Facebook page (MUSA Monga) and their own website (musamonga.com)!

Under the Monash University Student Association, we have a division which caters specifically towards international students called Monash University International Students Services (MUISS). The Heads of MUISS are more than happy to serve you with these needs. Drop them an email at mum-muiss.heads@monash.edu.

For general education enquiries, feel free to contact the MUSA Vice Presidents at musa.vicepres@monash.edu. For schools specific issues, you may contact your respective School Representatives as follows:

Our Woman's Officers are eager to assist you in going through such a tough time. Contact them at musa.womens@monash.edu.

MUSA Welfare Officers oversees the issues brought up by students to create a better campus environment for all students. You may email your complaints or suggestions to musa.welfare@monash.edu.

Under the Monash University Student Association, we have a division in charge of handling clubs and societies called the Clubs and Societies division (C&S). There will be a Virtual C&S Week in week 2 of this semester where all clubs and societies will be introduced to new students. For more information, check out their Instagram page (@musa.cnsofficial).

Contact Details

Get In Touch

MUPA President: mupa.president@monash.edu

MUPA Vice President: mupa.vicepres@monash.edu

You can also call us on our general line at +603 5514 6000 from 9am to 5pm (Malaysia time) Monday to Friday, and our friendly staff will help connect you to the right person.